Oblique Underdesk Modular Power Unit

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The Oblique Underdesk Modular Power Unit is an affordable, double insulated unit that is perfect for an expanding business with its 3PP interconnective capabilities.

The range is a Modular Electrical power outlet system available in 2, 3 or 4 outlet configurations made of high grade engineering plastic materials.

All UK power modules are supplied with individual fusing to comply with BS 6396 as standard.


Data options also available here



  • Available with modular protection modules (power filters, circuit breakers, earth leakage devices)
  • Modular - Any combination of power and/or data/voice and peripheral connectors available
  • Up to 30 different international socket types can be fitted
  • Can be supplied with two or more circuits in one unit
  • Numerous mounting options


Operating Voltage:   220V - 250V @ 50 Hz

                                 110V - 125V AC @ 60 Hz

Current:                     15A (20A - upgraded wiring)

Max Power:               1800W @ 110V - 125V AC

                                  3000W @ 220V - 250V AC

Local electrical regulations determine the final electrical rating of the system.


Width:                          55mm (Approx. 2 1/5 in.)

Length:                        2-Way: 204mm (Approx. 8 in.)                                     

                                    3-Way: 273mm (Approx. 10 3/4 in.)                                    

                                    4-Way: 342 mm (Approx. 13 1/2 in. )

Total Height:                36.5mm (Approx. 1 2/5 in.)